How to install CakePHP Console on Ubuntu

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Install CakePHP Console script on Ubuntu

It’s very easy to install the new update of the cakePHP framework on Ubuntu.

1. Download the latest copy of the cakePHP (currently 1.3.0)

2. Extract it in to administrator directory (it is the easiest for a beginner) – rename and make it’s path like /home/administrator/cake. then you will have all the stuff coming with the cakePHP bundle.

3. Make a directory on following path by using the command by running a terminal, if it ask for the password give it.

sudo mkdir /usr/share/php/cake

4. then simply run following command

sudo cp -R ~/cake/cake* /usr/share/php

5. Now you will see that in the /usr/share/php/cake directory will having some files.

6. then just run the following command


Thats all now you can bake your new cake. For future updates just do above steps.